Talk about a guilty conscience. No one would have found out yet he still turned himself in.

Jacksonville Police say that Geoff Gaylord turned himself in over the weekend claiming he had committed a murder of his lifelong friend, his imaginary friend, 'Mr. Happy'. Gaylord told the police that Mr. Happy and he had been arguing about Mr. Happy's alcohol and cocaine problem and it sent Geoff "over the edge." The last straw was when Happy wrecked Gaylord's car after driving drunk. You really can't make this stuff up, guys.

He confessed to police that he had killed Mr. Happy with a kitchen knife and cut him up into pieces with an axe and buried him in the backyard. The police have yet to charge Gaylord with any crime because there is no evidence and no body to be found. He is being sent for medical evaluations. I still don't know why a mugshot was necessary.