We've all been there - your kid is invited to a birthday party, you RSVP, but on the day, something comes up, and your kid ends up not going to the party. No big deal, right? Well, it was a huge deal to one mom in England who sent an invoice to a boy who missed her kid's birthday party. The mom says the five-year-old owes her for being a no-show, and she wants to get paid!

Five-year-old Alex Nash missed the party in question because his dad, Derek, forgot about a previously scheduled outing, and said he thought it was a joke when he got an invoice from the mom who threw the party a couple of days later.

It wasn't a joke. The birthday party mom wants $25 for no-show Alex. Derek went to the birthday mom's home to tell her he wasn't happy about the invoice and wouldn't be paying it. The mom said she was "rattled" by the encounter, and then took to Facebook with Alex's mom to continue the fight.

As it stands right now, the invoice hasn't been paid, and everyone has been sent to time out for being so silly!