We hear every day that freedom isn't free, but as we get ready to head into the three day Memorial Day weekend full of swimming and cookouts, the families and friends of five Fort Bliss soldiers who were killed earlier this month came face to face with just how much freedom really costs.



The names of each of the five fallen soldiers was called out 3 times in the chapel filled with family members and soldiers who formed a sea of camouflage uniforms in what is known as the Last Roll Call.

And each of those times was followed by silence when that soldier didn't answer.

The five soldiers killed earlier this month - 26 year old 1st Lt. Brandon Landrum, 28 year old Staff Sgt. Francis Phillips IV, 19 year old Spc. Kevin Cardoza, 24 year old Brandon Prescott, and 22 year old Thomas Murach - were remembered and mourned, and called heroes by a company commander at Fort Bliss who said their legacies will continue through the memories their families and friends have of them.

A slideshow of the fallen soldiers played during the ceremony.  Family and friends of First Lieutenant Brandon Landrum said he believed in the future of the Afghan people and was known for giving Afghan children candy.

Staff Sgt. Francis Philips IV was remembered for always setting his standards high.

Spc. Kevin Cardoza, was known for always wearing cowboys boots and a cowboy hat.

Spc. Thomas P. Murach was remembered as a devout Christian.

And Spc. Brandon Prescott's father said of the loss of his son, "You can't even imagine and I don't want anyone to imagine. It's a piece of you that's gone forever. He was very very close to my sons. My ex-wife and I raised the best sons ever".

Prescott's brother said he died, "doing what he loved and what he believed in. There's no greater honor than that."

Please remember that the loss of our troops in wars is the reason behind Memorial Day, and take a moment to say a prayer for the soldiers and their families.