El Paso has been in the news several times and even in the Guinness World Record books! Check out these times El Paso made the cut.

Photo by Neville Hopwood/Getty Images for Tennis Emirates
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    Most Consecutive Handsprings done by a female.

    I can barely do a cartwheel and this phenomenal woman is running handsprings all over the Guiness book of World Records. Jalyssa Walker was presented her world record plaque for "The Most Consecutive Handsprings (female)" in September of 2013 when she broke the record for doing 53 handsprings one after another. The fun took place at the Sun Bowl in front of hundreds of viewers.

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    Largest "YMCA" Dance

    It seems the Sun Bowl is the perfect place to set world records. This time around it was 40,148 participants dancing and doing the moves to "YMCA". The event was organized by the Sun Bowl Association in 2008. The dance lasted just over 5 minutes and was sung live. Sounds like a rockin' party!

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    Highest pinfall in tenpin bowling in 24 hours by a pair.

    I think one round of bowling is quite enough but these guy had a point to prove! Robert Hendricks and Hector Navedo bowled for 24 hours to drop 30,537 pins at Fiesta Lanes in January 2014 for the record. I wonder if they got their bowling fix in?

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    Youngest professional music producer

    El Paso has some serious musical talent. You've seen all the local music shows and concerts, and I'm sure you've heard of Brandon Bailey Johnson from right here in El Paso. Brandon was only12 years and 363 days at the time of release of his debut album "My Journey", February 2015. "My Journey" was released through Reddoak records. Congrats Brandon! Keep making El Paso proud!

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    PepsiCo and Lowe's Market arrange nearly 72,000 12-packs of Pepsi for display record

    That's a lot of caffeine in one place! I'm already all amped up! Lowe's Market in El Paso decided to make a huge ordeal out of some Pepsi and it paid off getting them into the Guinness World Records. The arranged 72,000 12-packs of various Pepsi varieties for the massive display (that could probably be seen from Space) for the world record in 2014.