Bacon. Is there anything more delicious in your kitchen? I think not, but if you think bacon is just for BLTs, or as a side dish to eggs, hold onto your hat because it can be a delicious ingredient in your everyday cooking.

1. Use bacon to add flavor to veggies - Snip a couple of slices of bacon into a pan and sautee onions and virtually any veggie you can think of in the salty, bacon-y goodness.

2. Add bacon to a pot of beans - Cook your beans as you normally do, and an hour before they are finished cooking, add a couple of slices of bacon. You'll get smokiness, saltiness, and a richness to the broth that will have you adding bacon to a pot of beans every time.

3. Crumble bacon into muffin batter - Cook bacon to whatever crispness you like and add to any savory muffin mix. Don't pat the bacon dry because a little bit of bacon grease is a wonderful thing. It will get absorbed into the muffin, and you'll get muffins to die for.

4. Cook salmon steaks in bacon fat - Cook a couple of slices of bacon, and cook salmon in the rendered fat. The richness of the salmon gets cut a little by the smokiness of the bacon and the results are amazeballs. You can do the same thing with shrimp and scallops.

5. Crumble bacon on top of ice cream - Don't judge. There is no better combo than sweet and salty, and the way salty bacon pairs up with cold, sweet ice cream... It is nectar of the gods. If you've ever dipped a French fry into a chocolate shake, you know what I'm talking about. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

Use these life hacks and get ready for all the bacon you can handle at the Sun City Bacon Fest!