NO!  Not THAT kind of Zombie!  I mean real, live, ok, UN-live, zombies, without the capital letter!  The Rapture is supposed to happen on Saturday, and now the CDC, yes, the Centers for Disease Control, is saying that we should also be preparing ourselves for a zombie apocalyse!

THIS kind of zombie is what the CDC is talking about.  And people are talking about the CDC talking about zombies!  Apparently they feel the governmental agency that is tasked with making sure we don't have massive casualties from the swine flu, the plague, or any number of other horrible diseases, shouldn't be kidding around about the flesh-eating undead.

Are you kidding me?  Of COURSE they should!  I need to know what the heck is going to happen when zombies take over the world!  I never saw 'Zombieland'!  Am I supposed to run or hold my ground and throw rocks at it like we've been told we should do when confronted with a mountain lion?  I need to know these things, people!

So lighten up, zombie pooh pooh-ers, and check out the tips on how to survive a zombiepocalype!