Marie Mills is mourning the death of her 77-year-old father, Cecil Mills. He collapsed in a Washington street. Marie held her father, screaming for help and a passersby, ran to a firehouse across the street, looking for help. They pounded on the doors of the firehouse, pleading for assistance but the firefighters inside refused to come to the rescue.

When a D.C. fireman appeared, he told them he could not help the man because "he had to be dispatched first." Marie only left the side of her dying father to run up to the fireman, in a desperate attempt for him to help her father. "I even ran up to the curb and said 'Are you going to help me or let my father die?' said Mills.

Everyone was told to call 911, which they did, but an apparent mix up of addresses caused the ambulance to be delayed. Unfortunately, Cecil Mills died at the hospital, apparently suffering from a heart attack.

The D.C. Fire and Medical Services Department are currently investigation this incident.