Well I've worked in the fragrance industry since 1999, so that means fragrance is next door to Skincare and Cosmetics, I see the trends especially in the Sun City.  From marshmallows lip balms to the very festive egg-shaped bath bombs to the less obvious blushes and bronzers that smell just like our favorite easter treats.  Try some of the  915 beauty products for the sweetest Easter baskets around!

 This egg-shaped tin has three Easter-scented lip balms-- Orange Cream Egg, Marshmallow Chick and Sugar Cookie

 This bronzer will give your pale winter skin a gorgeous spring glow, and it even smells like all of our favorite Easter chocolates.

This sugary sweet lip balm is shaped like an egg and housed in a sunny spring sphere.


Not only does this egg glitter in gold, but it also has a sweet toffee scent, that literally melts in your bath water and leaves skin super smooth.


Another Lush treat, this cute little bunny turns into a refreshing lather with a clean citrusy scent in the shower.

charlotte tilbury

People in El Paso seem obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury's Beach Stick blushes as much for their gorgeous shimmery color as for the fact that they smell just like Cadbury mini eggs.


Each of these festive Easter eggs has a tiny chick-shaped bath bomb inside that will turn your tub into a sweet fuchsia colored bubble bath.