Earlier this year a 47-year-old divorced father was pushed over the edge when he failed to get tickets to a One Direction concert in Pennsylvania for his two teenage daughters.

How far would you go as a parent to please your children?

After a One Direction concert was sold out, William Klein attempted to purchase tickets any way he could and failed and that's when one of his daughters told him that she would never speak to him again if he didn’t come up with tickets to the concert.

Klein then decided to call in a bomb threat the day before the concert thinking that if the concert was cancelled, his daughters couldn’t then blame him for not getting tickets.

The distraught father then drove to New Jersey and called in the bomb threat from a 7-11 and although the venue did amp their security, did a sweep and checked all concert-goers bags, they never cancelled the concert.

Klein was later tracked down with the help of video footage and was sentenced to eight months in federal prison.

All this to avoid one of his daughter’s from ever speaking to him again.

If you are wondering if there are still tickets to see One Direction in September at the Sun Bowl, there is! You can even try your luck at winning a pair, but please don’t put yourself in a position to break the law for a pair of tickets to a concert.