A Fort Bliss soldier, his 20 year old wife, and their two children under 2 years old, all disappeared last week from their El Paso home. The family was found and now the father is in jail after authorities found the remains of who they believe to be their 5-month-old son in the desert.


22 year old Army Spc. Jeffrey Farrey and his 20 year old wife, Jenna were found in Michigan after Jeffery failed to report for duty Friday. His squad commander and landlord alerted authorities after they went through the Farrey home and found something that led them to believe the family was in danger. It has been reported that a suicide note was found, but that has not been confirmed by El Paso police.

What has been found is the possible remains of 5 month old Jackson Farrey in the New Mexico desert outside the small town of Orogrande. Jeffrey Farrey is in the El Paso County jail with a bond set at a milion and a half dollars, charged with injury to a child by omission. An autopsy is being performed on the bones to determine the identity of the remains.

His wife, Jenna, is in the process of being extradited to El Paso. An El Paso judge has issued a warrant for her arrest for violating probation. She was sentenced to 5 years probation after leaving her then 3 month old son, Blake, alone for eight hours last year while she went to a nearby lake. She has also been accused of leaving Blake alone on a number of other occasions.

Fort Bliss officials say Jeffrey Farrey is on a military hold. The investigation into the death of 5 month old Jackson continues. 19 month old Blake Farrey is in the custody of Michigan authorities.

The mother, Jenna Farrey, has a Youtube channel where she vents about things that bother her in life, like people who drive Honda Civics.