I don't want to be fat and 45.  I turn the big 4-5 this September, and I am determined to go from a 12-14 to a 8-10.  I've been working out 4 - 5 times a week and trying to change the way I eat.  I was at the grocery store the other day and a listener asked me how I've done that.

I told her that because of my odd schedule and, frankly, disturbing lack of willpower, diets are not something that work for me.  I would rather just reduce my calorie intake and exercise in order to lose weight.  Any dietician worth their salt - mmmm, salt! - will tell you that you have to cut your calories to drop weight.  How you cut calories is up to you.  People have lost weight on a diet of seriously bad for you junk food,  cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/11/08/twinkie.diet.professor/index.html, so I figure, if I can just keep my inner Cookie Monster at bay, I can lose the 20 pounds I want to lose. 

So to answer the listener's question, here is one way I'm changing my eating habits - I eat what's in the picture.  I know it doesn't look very yummy, but that's because of the flourescent lighting in the kitchen here at the station.  We all know how flattering that light is!  When I get to work, I drink a cup of coffee to wake up.  Right after I do the 6 o'clock news, I have a container of yogurt - try the Light Thick & Creamy Yoplait French Vanilla, so delish and just 100 calories!  Around 7:30, I have a turkey sammich made with a very light smear of mayo, a lot of lettuce, one slice of low fat cheese, wheat bread, and three slices of deli turkey.  Finally around 10, I eat a banana.  The trick for me is to make sure that I don't get too hungry because it crashes my blood sugar and I either end up on the floor or I stick my face in a refrigerator and eat everything that doesn't put up a fight. 

So try eating the little bits throughout the day, just make sure the calorie count stays low, and let's get NOT fat and 45!