There is nothing like a fast dinner that everyone will love, and won't have you slaving over a stove on a hot summer night.  This is one of my go to dinner recipes because I usually have all the ingredients on hand.  It's super easy to make, and start to finish, can have you putting a delicious dinner on the table in about 45 minutes!

There are a million different ways to personalize this for your family. Leave out whatever ingredients you don’t like and add the ones you do. Use cooked chicken in place of the ground beef. Use cooked shrimp, or just sauteed veggies for a vegetarian-friendly empanada.

In the salad, use apples or pineapple chunks, mango chunks or chunks of plums – any fruit will work. You could even roast the veggies slightly in the oven for a totally different taste! Just don’t use too much dressing - the whole point is to taste the veggies! Make this salad at night and wow your co-workers the next day.

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    For four people, you’ll need a pound of lean ground beef, one bell pepper (your choice of color), a small tin of chopped green chilis, an onion, one tomato, a head of lettuce (your choice), one can of biscuits, and a can of sliced peaches.

    courtesy: Patricia Martinez
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    Making the empanadas.

    Finely chop the onion and tomato and sautee lightly in a little bit of olive oil on medium heat for about two minutes.  Add the ground beef and cook thoroughly.  Season with fajita seasoning and cumin.  No need for salt or pepper because the fajita seasoning takes care of that.  Drain off the fat.  Pat out individual biscuits with your fingers and spoon a generous amount of cooked meat in the middle. I usually put about 2 tablespoons. Fold over and close the edges with a fork. I promise, the 2 tablespoons of meat will fit.

    courtesy: Patricia Martinez
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    Bake the empanadas.

    Fill the rest of the empanadas and put them on an ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake according to the directions on the biscuit can, brush with melted butter halfway through, and lo and behold, you will have made golden brown, mouth-watering empanadas!

    courtesy: Patricia Martinez
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    This is the golden delicious finished product.

    Golden, delicious, and piping hot, so be really careful when you bite into one.

    courtesy: Patricia Martinez
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    Let's make peach salsa.

    Now for a refreshing Peach Salsa Salad that is perfect alongside the empanadas!  Chop 2 slices of peaches per person, finely chop the bell pepper, and figure on a tablespoon of chopped green chili’s per person.

    Top a bed of lettuce with the chopped ingredients and drizzle very lightly with your favorite dressing.  You don’t need a lot or you’ll drown out the taste of the peach salsa!  Ta-da!  Peach Salsa Salad!

    courtesy: Patricia Martinez