Ok ladies and gentlemen, we all have fallen victim to fashion no's. I came across some this past week that need to be adressed! Don't be a victim of one! I'm here to help

1. Killer shoes: Literally, if you can't walk in them, DON'T wear them. There is nothing more unattractive than someone in pain from shoes. You're walking all crooked and just look ridiculous. No one but Barbie has that high of an arch to be comfortable a full work day.

2. Tortured hair: Super flat, poker-straight hair looks aging on anyone over 23. Straight hair is so darn serious! There are certain occasions when straight glam hair looks sleek and sexy, an evening out maybe? But the "in" thing now is some beach waves or even some messy hair! Take advantage of this ladies (and guys).

3. White Knee Length Coats: The white knee-length overcoat needs to go back to Mary Tyler Moore’s closet. Prissy, starchy and almost impossible to match, this piece has been popular with movie stars on the red carpet. From a distance they look like bathrobes! If you're getting married or walking that red carpet then maybe.

4. Sticky Lips: If small insects get stuck on your lip gloss, it’s time to lighten up. Pop stars with gooey gobs have given the gloss trend a bad name. Blend a lighter beeswax-based Chapstick with your favorite lipstick for sheer color coverage that is sensuous but not sleazy. And now the color trend is light pinks and nudes. Again natural is in!

5. Tweased-bare brows: Skinny eyebrows, McDonald's arches, don't do it! Please pu the Sharpie's away! And your brow should end at a slant from your eye. If it's coming close to your hair line, it has gone way to far.

6. Frumpy Long c=Cardigan jackets: Who came up with those long sweater jackets with hoods that sag down over the knees and belt at the waist with a long strip of woven wooly fabric? I want to slap them. This is maternity wear, or something to run naked to the bathroom in the middle of the night in. Not one bit flattering!

7. Skirts with pants: One barely needs to explain the sin here. One or the other people!

8. Pants with heels Guidelines: Sometimes we just need to relax and pull out the flats. Especially when your pants aren't "dressy" enough to pull off a shiny heel. Clubbing is when this is appropriate. Try matte color heels for those work/school days and still be classy and sexy.

9. The wrong thong: I think the title says it all. Don't be the one everyone is laughing at because your thong (or any underwear type) is hanging out your backside. With that in mind, if you can't be confident that your booty isn't showing DON'T wear those low-rise jeans!

10. Blonde highlights: One tip on this since I went blonde. Make sure you are blonde and not brass! That is all.