Ok, I know we have some pretty heated rivalries in the Borderland, but has it come to this?

UTEP just destroyed NMSU last weekend, but, at least the game was safe to go to!  All the violence was happening on the field, but the same cannot be said of last night's Battle of I-25 between NMSU and UNM.






Last night, New Mexico State University police said a woman, who was at first thought to be having "medical problems", was discovered to have been hit in the leg by a bullet.  They say they think the bullet was shot into the stadium from the outside, possibly by someone who was celebrating.

The unidentified woman was airlifted to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

NMSU Police are still investigating the incident and are asking for your help in finding the person responsible.  You can call them at 575-646-3311.