Families with loved ones buried at a Lower Valley cemetery are dealing with vandalism that destroyed nearly every grave site, and many of them are saying that it is because of a website that pointed the vandals to the cemetery, calling it the site of satanic worship. El Paso 411 also said the ghost of a priest who went crazy and killed nuns and children living at the church haunts the site, something that is, at best, an urban legend, and at worst, a nonsensical story that might have led to the kind of wholesale destruction that happened this weekend.

After the story was posted in advance of Halloween, Fabens-area residents took to the website to tell the author, Cesar Torres, that the church and cemetery were still active and there was no such activity there. Torres modified the original article and took down the map that pointed people to the exact location of the church. He then added a disclaimer saying the website took no responsibility for people who used the information in the article.

That disclaimer is cold comfort for the families who went to the cemetery and found the final resting place of their loved ones destroyed. Photos posted on Facebook show the broken and knocked over gravestones, and even one grave that looked like it had been broken into.

Families have filed reports with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, and an investigation into who is behind the vandalism is underway.

The El Paso Herald-Post reached out to Torres, but did not get a response.