With the crispy cold starting to move on in, that fall fashion is kicking in. From boots to scarves, to leggings and hats. Fall is one of my favorite fashion times of the year, are you fashionably ready?


Burgundy the new black? and winter white? But isn't white forbidden after Labor Day? Not anymore ladies and gentlemen! White is now a popular winter color and I love it! Keep out the white jeans and pair them with some brown boots and a navy blue sweater! Perfect for any day of fall. Get that burgundy sweater dress you've been wanting and pair it with a scarf and some leggings for a night out! These colors are very fashionable for the fall. Including tasteful reptile print and leather. Sounds like a rockin' fall is coming! Get those boots ready ladies!

And Men, Same goes to you in the color department! urgundy, Black, Blue and white! Mix and match, they go great together!