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The 2012 Quality of Life Bond election was controversial and divided El Paso voters. Tearing down the old City Hall and replacing it with a ballpark, tearing down and rebuilding Insights Museum, the DigiWall - all those projects and more were outlined in the election.

Over half a million people checked out the ballpark last summer as they cheered on the El Paso Chihuahuas. Plans for a new Children's Museum are still in the works, and this weekend, the 5 foot tall, 35 foot long DigiWall will be unveiled to the public. But last night on KVIA, it was reported that the Wall was smaller than was originally presented to the public during the Quality of Life discussions.

KVIA said that when the wall was first presented to voters as part of the QOL bond election, it was supposed to be 10 feet tall and 35 feet long. We did a little fact checking and found from KVIA's previous reporting that the wall was indeed supposed to be 36 feet long and 5 feet tall.

Turns out voters and taxpayers got what they voted and paid for.