Remember last month when Facebook announced they were seriously considering adding a "Dislike" button? People were thrilled.

Well, now it looks like that might not be the plan, after all. Probably because Facebook doesn't really want to encourage negative response to other people's posts. Instead, the social media giant has started testing "reaction emojis." Kind of like what you do when you text back and forth with a friend.

The Facebook version would have seven different emojis to choose from: the old 'thumbs-up' to like a post, a heart for "love," a laughing face for "haha," a happy face for "yay," a shocked face for "wow," a crying face for "sad," and a mad face for "anger."

Right now they're just being tested in Ireland and Spain. There's no word if or when Facebook plans to take them worldwide.


Meet the new Reactions.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, October 8, 2015