If you are have recently attempted to change the color of your Facebook profile, your account might have been hacked. This 'color changing' scam has lingered around Facebook users for years, but it is back and infecting more users. Don't fall for this obvious scam.

According to Cheetah Mobile, the scam has already infected 10,000 users in multiple countries.

Once you click on the link, you have entered a malicious phishing website. If you view a "color changer tutorial video" on the site, you will allow hackers to collect your ' Access Tokens', which means they can connect to your Facebook friends.

Via Cheetah Mobile

If you do not view the video, hackers can still try to get you to download the malicious software by scaring you into thinking your device is infected and you need to download an 'app' to protect yourself. If you are on an PC, it will try to get the user to download a pornography video player.

There are ways to fix the infection through Facebook. All you have to do is change your password and uninstall the color changing app, quickly as possible.