Perhaps you’ve noticed your Facebook page looks a little different. That’s because Facebook has rolled out some new features in the last few days, and more changes will be announced today. Among the format changes upsetting some are the "most recent" and "top news" options replaced by "recent stories" in the middle of the page -- with the updates Facebook deems "most important" flagged with a blue triangle ...

  • Larger images
  • The new "ticker" sidebar
  • The new categories for "close" friends, family, co-workers and others.

Another change coming soon to your profile page is something called Timeline, which will automatically put photos, videos, status updates and status changes in chronological order. The timeline will also feature a “way back” section, which will allow you to insert material from your pre-Facebook days. Watch a video demonstration of Timeline below. The redesign is an attempt to make Facebook more "sticky"; in other words, get you to spend much more of your precious time on the site. Who need to work anyway! Someone else can pick up the slack, right?