DID KIM KARDASHIAN PHOTOSHOP BUTT SELFIE?: You know those ridiculous butt selfies KIM KARDASHIAN posted the other day of herself with friend Blac Chyna? Well, one expert is claiming they were probably Photoshopped. As proof, the guy points to some subtle distortions in background details that to him indicate Kim enhanced her breasts while thinning her hips.

In an article on Radar Online, the self-professed experts says that in the picture where Kim and her friend are showing their ample backsides, (see above), it looks like a door frame is curved right at the same level as Kim's boobs, which might indicate she stretched out her bustline. In that same photo, some floor tiles seem to be pulled inward toward Kim's waist and hips, indicating she digitally sucked in that part of her body.

In the second photo ... where the two are facing forward, a doorframe seems to be bowing toward Kim's midsection, suggesting once again she shrunk her waist and hips. You can see distortions in the floor tiles and the door frame around her waist and chest, which he claims is evidence the picture was altered. You can check out the above photos with red and yellow lines that demonstrate the warps in the straight lines HERE.

Kim, meanwhile, is sticking to her story that she got back in shape the old-fashioned way. While she was out the other day, the paparazzi rolled up on her and one of the guys told her she was looking pretty ripped and asked what her secret was -- to which Kimmie replied, quote, "No carbs . . . work out . . . dedication."

LINDSAY LOHAN OFFERS REWARD FOR STOLEN LAPTOP WITH NAKED PICTURES OF HER: LINDSAY LOHAN had her computer stolen and she wants it back in the worse way. According to TMZ, it contains a bunch of nude photos of herself.

Linds, who says the laptop was stolen at the airport in Shanghai, China, is willing to pay “whatever it takes” to get it back. Along with the photos, which are supposedly from various nude modeling shoots, TMZ says it also has "private correspondence" from other celebrities that she does not want ending up on the web.

'ELLE' PUT ON BLAST FOR MINDY KALING COVER: Elle magazine has come under fire for its cover photo again, this time featuring actress/comedienne MINDY KALING. Mindy, AMY POEHLER, ZOOEY DESCHANEL and ALLISON WILLIAMS each received their own covers for Elle’s Women in TV issue. However, the one with Kaling, the only woman of color, is featured in a close-up, black and white shot, whereas the other three women have full-color, full-body photos. (PHOTO)

Jason Kempin/Getty Images
she has a fuller figure. The magazine defended the cover, writing in a statement, “Mindy looks sexy, beautiful and chic. We think it is a striking and sophisticated cover and are thrilled to celebrate her in our Women in TV Issue." As for Kaling, she seems down with it, tweeting yesterday ...

This past October, Elle was similarly slammed for covering up MELISSA McCARTHY'S body. While fellow cover models REESE WITHERSPOON, SHAILENE WOODLEY, and MARION COTILLARD showed plenty of skin, Melissa was photographed in an over-sized coat. (PHOTO)

SOMEONE FINALLY SAYS NO TO THE BIEBZ: "No" is not a word JUSTIN BIEBER is used to hearing, but the people at the Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Ontario had no problem saying it when he asked to rent one of the mountains.

According to the not-always-reliable In Touch Weekly, The Bieb wanted to rent out a hill on New Year’s Eve so he and his friends could snowboard privately, and according to a hotel insider, they told him “no one – not even Justin Bieber – is allowed that.” Word is he didn’t take the news well. Instead of just kicking it, the insider says Justin “was being so rude," adding, "we can tell why a lot of people don’t like him.”

In other Bieber news .... His concert movie, "Believe", is not faring all that well in theaters. In the two weeks it's been out, it has only grossed a mere $5.4 million. In comparison, his last concert movie, "Never Say Never", which hit theaters two years ago, grossed $53.6 million in its first two weeks.

Has all his bad behavior and bad press resulted in his fan base turning on him, or are they beginning to outgrow him? Is it time for Justin to ride naked on a wrecking ball? Discuss.

WATCH - LEO DICAPRIO ALMOST GOT EATEN BY A GREAT WHITE: LEONARDO DICAPRIO told a crazy story on "Ellen" yesterday about being in a diving cage with a Great White shark and almost ending up getting eaten! He said it happened after the group he was diving with used a tuna to attract the shark, which it did, but the Great White up getting stuck halfway into the cage, and took a few chomps at Leo before it swam away.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION JAKE GYLLENHAAL: JAKE GYLLENHAAL is back on the single's market. Us Weekly is reporting he and Sports Illustrated model Alyssa Miller have called it quits after six months of dating. Apparently Jake’s career may have gotten in the way of their romance. According to a source, "Things were really good between [them] up until he had to leave for L.A. to go shoot a movie...then the distance just really got to them.”