I loved growing up in the 70's and 80's.  Everything was better back then!  We had the best music, the coolest clothes, the best movies!  And if you check out this article, you'll see that even the commercials were better back in the day!

And the cool thing is, commercials used to make sense!  They weren't trying to be uber-cool and make you wonder what the heck they were trying to get you to buy.  They just put the product out there, plugged in a couple of cute chicas and some music, and away you went - probably to the store as fast as possible to buy the cool thing you just saw on tv!  I totally dug on the perfect 80's hair, the over-the-top 80's makeup, and of course, the shoulder pads!

So enjoy the commercials, and tell me, which ones do you think they left off the list?