Las Cruces Police have confirmed reports that Michael Derby, who escaped from a Las Cruces clinic Wednesday night, is in police custody again.

Details of his re-arrest have not been disclosed, but a post on the KFOX14 Facebook page states Derby's capture was the result of dumb luck and a "Good Samaritan." According to the comment posted by "Michelle Florez," Derby suffered a medical emergency on Alameda and Picacho. A passerby who witnessed the incident called for help, subsequently leading to the prisoner's capture.

Michelle Florez
Michelle Florez

Derby had been transported by three Doña Ana County Detention officers to La Piñon for an examination Wednesday night after claiming he'd been assaulted while in jail. It was from there that he made a run for it soon after the examination had been completed.

The El Paso Times spoke with the jail’s director, Christopher Barela, who recounted the escape for the paper:

"During the examination, Derby’s restraints had been removed, Barela said. “Once the examination was complete, he asked to go to the bathroom,” he said. “So they (the officers) escorted him to the bathroom, and when he came out of the bathroom, he took off running toward the door and escaped.”

Barela added that the officers will not be reprimanded over Derby’s escape.