Baby formula is really expensive, but 3 people figured out a way around buying it - they stole hundreds of dollars worth of formula, not once, but twice. From the same store!

El Paso police say two men and a woman walked into the Target on George Dieter around 3:30 in the afternoon on April 24, put a few containers of baby formula into a shopping cart, and took off without paying. Three days later, the same three people walked back into the same Target and took off with hundreds of dollars worth of formula.

Police say they believe the three are using a white Ford Excursion and a dark blue Hyundai Santa Fe as getaway cars. The three were caught on store surveillance cameras.

The woman is described as a heavyset, Hispanic, with brown hair and a medium to light complexion. One of the men is described as Hispanic with short hair, a thin mustache and beard. The other man is described as Hispanic with a small mustache.

courtesy: eppd

If you have any information on these suspects you are asked to call Crime Stoppers of El Paso at 915-566-TIPS.