The EPISD school board says we talk too much and they want to put a time limit on all that yakking at their meetings.

el paso times file photo

School board meetings are just like City Council and County Commissioners meetings, according to County Judge Veronica Escobar.  They are usually pretty poorly attended until something juicy comes up.  When that happens, you can pretty much expect for tons of people to show up wanting to give their two cents.  Escobar says people who serve in government offices should know that's how things are, and not try to limit the amount of public comment because it might take a long time.

Some of the changes being proposed are limiting the number of times a person can comment at a meeting to once in 60 days, and moving public comments to the end of meetings instead of at the beginning so other district business can be taken care of quickly.

Board member Susie Byrd says those rules are a bad idea, and would keep the public from being a part of the process of running the district.  Teacher representatives are also wondering why the board would want to muzzle the public.

The board will be talking about putting the new rules into effect during their regular meeting tonight.  So what do you think about these new proposed rules?