Summer break begins in just a couple of days, and high-school students in the El Paso Independent School District will get to take something home that the district hopes will keep them learning throughout the summer.

High school students will get to keep their PowerUp laptops they got this fall, and graduating seniors will be given the option to buy their laptops at a prorated cost of 135 dollars. EPISD officials say students have shown that they can take care of the devices and they hope that having access to technology and digital programs over the summer vacation will keep students on track through the summer months. There are even games and mini-courses on the district’s website to keep students academically engaged through the break.

Parents of students in grades 9 – 11 signed a Responsible Use Agreement at the beginning of the school year and it will continue to apply through the summer months.

If a parent doesn’t want their child to keep the laptop over the summer, they can be returned to the bookroom clerk on their campus, and it will be re-issued to the student at the beginning of the school year in August.