There is some good news for parents, students, and employees of The El Paso Independant School District after their internal network was hacked into two weeks ago.  The district is going to help get you anti-identity theft protection.

The personal information of over 60 thousand students and 9 thousand employees of the district was compromised after the hacking, and a lot of people were saying the district needed to step up and pay for anti-identity theft protection.  Well, the district isn't going to pay for that protection, but they did negotiate a deal with Experian, one of the three major credit reporting agencies, to offer identity theft protection at half price.  From now until December 31st, you can get that protection for a year at about 10 dollars a month, but you have to sign up before December 31st.

So why isn't EPISD paying for the protection?  Because Texas state law prohibits the district from buying the product for anyone.  Is this the best solution to the problem?  Well, for the people who have to pay for the district's mistake, no.  But it is the solution that will cost you the least, so check out the link above for all the information.