Last nights election was a good one for pro-marijuana voters as many more states have voted the controversial drug into their state. 

Alaska, Oregon and District of Columbia are now among the states which have passed marijuana legalization. Florida's legalization amendment failed victory but only because 60% majority wasn't satisfied and it was only shy by less than 3%. With Colorado already in the full marijuana business, my question to you is, would you rather have marijuana stay illegal or make it legal? Are there any circumstances that would change your mind? Some crime studies have shown that since the marijuana legalization in Colorado, crime rates have gone down significantly. While marijuana legalization is stirring the election pot and becoming more of an accepted concept, the IRS is already doing its best to kill any marijuana business profits. Taxing laws have become harsh and expensive for dispensaries around the states in which selling the drug is legal. SO now a poll on if you think marijuana should be legal or illegal.

Could Texas be getting closer to legalizing marijuana?