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Finally, the name of El Paso's Triple-A Baseball team is revealed!

The El Paso Chihuahuas is the official Triple-A Baseball team name and mascot. 

For days, two teaser billboards could be seen off of I-10 near Lomaland and the other right near Executive Center showing a pair of eyes and nothing more.

Everything was speculation until now; rumors had been swirling even t-shirts had been circling around posing with a supposed official team name.

Now that they have chosen a name, all we have to do is wait for the stadium to be built.

The stadium is slated to be complete by April 11, 2014, which happens to be a Friday. In April El Paso will only play seven home dates, but will play 18 in May, 16 in June, 14 in July and 16 in August to round out its 72-game home schedule and 144-game regular season slate.

Season tickets are available at this time, while single day tickets won’t be available until much later.

Welcome The El Paso Chihuahuas  - Is it All Good El Paso?

Is this the name you were hoping for?