When we look back at the winter storm event that shut El Paso and the boderland down for a day and left us shivering in our inadequate jackets and sweaters what will we refer to it as?

I've heard the TV stations call it 'Snow Storm 2013' and 'Winter Storm 2013', but neither, in my humble opinion, capture the true drama it put the Sun City through.

On our radio show and a few of my website posts, I've referred to it as 'Snowmageddon 2013.' I've also used the terms 'Snowpocalypse 2013', 'Snowzilla 2013,' 'Snow My God 2013,' and 'Snowtastrophy 2013.'

ABC-7 StormTRACK Meteorologist Jorge Torres, who wows us all with his accurate forecasts on our show every morning, is partial to 'SnowPaso 2013.' Tricia, on the other hand, is down with 'Snowapalooza 2013.'

Which of the above storm names do you prefer? What would YOU name it? Let me know in the "leave a comment" box below.