It worked in the movie 'Friday', so a couple of alleged El Paso pot dealers thought they'd try the 'drugs in an ice cream truck' approach to their weed selling business plan.



ABC 7 reports that El Paso Sheriff’s deputies thought they were pulling over an ice cream truck that was tricked out with a flashy purple-paint job, and equally flashy rims, for an expired registration sticker in the Lower Valley this weekend.

But when they tried to talk to the two men inside, deputies say 19-year-old Elijah Sanchez and 29-year-old Anthony Arellano took off running.

When deputies searched the ice cream truck, they found marijuana inside, and when they caught up to Sanchez, they found two Tupperware bowls stuffed with marijuana on him as well.

Both Sanchez and Arellano are now facing charges in the incident.

It’s not known if Sanchez and Arellano were actually selling marijuana out of the truck, but Arellano has been arrested in the past for marijuana offenses.

And apparently this weekend isn’t the first time the truck has been seen around town.

An ABC-7 employee said he's seen the ice cream truck in front of his kids elementary school.