Lions, and tigers, and Jay J. Armes - they've all been living on a fabulous estate in east El Paso for years. Now, Armes wants to sell his six-acre home.

If you have a cool $2.67 million, you can live in the 12,000-square-foot house and the land that comes with it. The house was built in 1952, but Armes says it has been extensively rebuilt and is state of the art electronically. Bianca Armes, Jay's daughter-in-law is the realtor handling the sale of the estate that sits across North Loop and Yarbrough.

Armes had a 750 pound tiger that supposedly ran loose on the estate. When Armes had visitors, he would reportedly play with the tiger as if it were a big house cat. He also had caged lions, tigers and other beasts. No word on if the animals are still on the estate, or if you'll have to take them with the house when you write the almost $3 million check!

Why is Armes selling? He said that there is a smaller house he really likes on the Eastside, but "I’m still living there (the estate) and I’m not moving unless I get what I’m asking.”