Students who are paying up to $30,000 for a nursing degree from a local college might be out the money they’ve paid, and out the nursing degree they’ve been working so hard to achieve.


Anamarc College specializes in healthcare related degrees, and the school’s owners, Dr. Ana Maria Houde and Marc Houde, told students yesterday they had filed for bankruptcy. And it’s not just students who are worried about the school’s financial well being - employees say they aren’t getting their paychecks.

Students say when they met with the Houdes yesterday, they weren’t allowed to ask questions, they were just told about the bankruptcy.

The Houdes say Anamarc College is “facing temporary cash flow issues”, but they’re trying to work through them “with our students’ and employees’ best interest at heart.” They would not say if they are trying to sell the college or if the school might lose its accreditation.

The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, the agency which accredits Anamarc, says news of the school's cash flow problems is news to them. They did say that if Anamarc is having trouble paying employees, they are required to let ACICS know so students can complete their education at a comparable institution without incurring additional costs.