An El Paso man was one number away from winning $60 million in this past Saturday's Powerball lottery, but don’t feel too sorry for him. He's still an instant millionaire.

Rodney Macneil of El Paso bought a Quick Pick ticket at the Circle K on S. Main St. in Anthony. That ticket matched all five of the white ball numbers drawn, but not the Powerball number. But because he added the Power Play feature, his winnings automatically doubled to $2 million. Macneil was one of two ticket holders who matched 5 numbers, with Power Play. The other was purchased in Florida.

According to a Texas Lottery press release, El Paso's newest millionaire requested minimal publicity so there's no word on what he plans to do with his new found wealth. Maybe something extravagant like a trip around the world, or perhaps something more economical -- like the simple pleasures in life Mike and Tricia's Facebook fans would splurge on. Hey, come on, you can never buy too much quilted, ultra-plush toilet paper.