As the nation goes wild for the Dallas Cowboys draft, the 915 has a connection to that and her name is Paulina Nieto, the newest member of the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blues.

The Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blues is high-energy co-ed hip hop dance team and drum corps, they've been entertaining audiences since 2009 upon entering the plazas of the AT&T Stadium before each game.

Paulina's mom, Cynthia Fourier, is whom actually pushed her into dance.  "When she would take me to ballet I would cry and cry cause I didn't wanna wear the girlie outfit," says Nieto.  "Just to put me in my tutu she would have to pay me $5 just to get the outfit on!"

courtesy paulina nieto

Being so young, her history is long, EVERYTHING as an MMA Fighter under Bushido under founder, coach, and her father Jorge Nieto.  At her four years at Montwood High she fell in love with dance again becoming an Emerald Dancer Leader under her biggest inspiration, director Leslie Lopez.  <Side note; she also wrestled at Montwood and was a regional champion.>

In her university years, she not only was a dancer BUT CAPTAIN for the UTEP Golddiggers.  She also dances for two dance company's and is also a dance coach for New Horizons Academy, with 4, extremely fierce competitive dance teams!

"Dance has been such a big part of my life and has always been there for me," said Nieto. "I remember always watching professional dancers on TV or concerts or pro games and thinking, one day I'm gonna be there, I know I can do it!"

courtesy paulina nieto

WELL, SHE HAS done it!  Finding out about the hip-hop pro team auditions for the Dallas Cowboys she was "scared," but found courage to try and go for her dream.

"Even though my dream is to become a professional dancer, you always have to have a back up plan and always be ready for what's next," says Paulina.  AND she IS, as she is close to graduating from UTEP in Kinesiology and minor in dance.

Let me tell you what ever LIFE throws at Paulina she's gonna make it, in ANYTHING she puts her heart into!  Paulina, KISS-FM and the Sun City, Congratulates you!!!