Did you have a chance to catch cute and perky Hanks High School grad Jenni Lutz’s second appearance on “Undercover Boss” this past Friday night? Well, good news then; you can watch video of it here.

Jenni was one of three employees previously highlighted on the show asked by their company CEO to help them spy on their business. On this special episode, she donned a disguise and posed as a “shy college student competing to win a cash prize on a reality show.” The whole time she went undercover in a Santa Monica, California store location, Menchie’s CEO Amit Kleinberger was listening in and watching.

At the end, Kkeinberger rewarded the Cali employee, and surprised Jenni with roundtrip airfare from Arlington, Texas where she is currently attending the University of Texas in Arlington, to El Paso every 90 days for the next four years! In her original appearance on the show last October, Kleinberger awarded her a $25,000 scholarship and a family trip to Disney.

You can view her turn as “Undercover Employee” in the video above, and watch a deleted scene of Jenni’s cover almost being blown here. Her initial appearance on the show last fall can be seen here.

Undercover Boss airs Friday nights at 7 p.m. on KDBC-TV Channel 4.