El Pasoan Michael Huante needs your help crashing the upcoming Super Bowl game.

Huante submitted a video ad in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl competition. The contest is the largest online video contest in the world. Consumers are invited to create their own Doritos ads and at least one fan-made commercial is guaranteed to air during the Super Bow.

Michael's 30-second ad, titled "The Mad Wife," begins with his (real life) wife coming home after a long days work to find the house a mess and the husband (Michael) sitting on the couch with their (real life) daughter. All the wife wants is her Doritos, but she has to tidy the place up a bit first. After doing some light housework, she's more than ready to enjoy her nacho chips -- only to find bag empty. Of course, she blames the husband. But as it turns out, their adorable little girl isn't as innocent as mom thought.

In order for Huante's ad to make it to the next round, it has to be one of the top rated videos from among all the submissions. So if you want to help a fellow El Pasoan out, visit his official contest page HERE and vote by rating the video. You'll find the stars under the "Rate Now" header located below the video.