Dreams are coming true at Ulta Beauty. It isn't the opportunity to buy the latest lipstick or eyeshadow, but to purchase some beautiful locally made hair products. Local product designer Gloria Reza has landed a deal with Ulta Beauty, who picked up 11 of her Hot Tool Professional designs. They are gorgeous! From purples to pinks, to neutrals, Gloria and the amazing Hot tools team she is part of has been inspired to create designs that appeal to ladies all over the world!

After seeing Gloria's Facebook post about the big announcement, I found the post to be very inspirational for hardworking El Pasoans. Sometimes you might feel your hard work doesn't pay off or you feel stuck in El Paso. El Paso isn't a place you should be seeing as a dead end. Gloria and the Hot Tools team are proof of that.

Gloria Reza via Facebook

You can reach your dreams without having to blame being from El Paso. I hear/read that a lot on social media. Break that stigma and support local shops/artists/overall people. Congrats to Gloria and her team for making their dreams come true! Now go grab those local designs in Ulta stores!