If Justin Timberlake's insanely upbeat song Can't Stop the Feeling puts a smile on your face every time it plays on the radio, wait'll you see the fan video Stormy Zebra produced and directed for the El Paso Zoo.

Like the Timberlake video it pays homage to, the zoo video features loosely choreographed dance moves filmed at various locations.

The clip starts with Jiggy the Giraffe moving to the beat as he rolls up on the zoo entrance. Then, one by one, we see zoo employees busting a solo move or alongside Jiggy in different spots around the El Paso Zoo, including the souvenir shop, Animal Medical Center, and in front of and inside some of the animal enclosures.

This is the second time the zoo has made a video to the hot summer song of the moment. Back in 2012, they filmed a lip-dub of Call Me Maybe when Carly Rae Jepsen lip dubs were a thing.

Check out Jiggy and company dance, dance, dance the in video below.