Dating for humans and lions is pretty similar. You’ve got to be introduced into a group, there’s the politics of who is going to be the head of the pride, and you have to decide who is going to get the best chicas. The only difference is the teeth and ferocious claws that can kill anyone who ticks you off.

The El Paso Zoo will be dealing with all this as they begin the process of one-on-one introductions between male and female lions this week. Rudo, a 3-year-old male lion is going to be brought into the Zoo’s pride as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Program® (SSP).

Zoo officials say Rudo arrived in 2014 but was not young and shy and not ready to meet the female lions right away. After working with Rudo, the Zoo will now allow full-contact introductions between Rudo and Zari, one of the female lions.

The introductions won’t be conducted publically. Instead, Rudo and Zari will be meeting off exhibit. When, and if, they like each other enough to live with each other, they will be put on exhibit together.

Good luck to Rudo and Zari! Hopefully we’ll see them together soon.