You can get the chance to catch rare Pokemon that only show up at the El Paso Zoo after dark when they hose two Pokémon sleepovers on August 12 and August 19.

The El Paso Zoo is home to 17 Pokéstops and a gym, and you'll have access to them all night. Zoo officials say not only will you have fun catching rare Pokémon, you can also check out the rare and endangered species that call the Zoo home.

Lures will be dropped throughout the night and there will be special themed animal encounters with real animals that resemble some favorite Pokémon characters. You can aldo make your own Poké Balls for the Zoo animals and watch as the animals “catch” some enrichment fun.

You'll get a box dinner, continental breakfast, two behind the scenes tours, special animal encounters, access to rare Pokémon and all the lures during the sleepover. It is $57 for adults and $53 for children under age 13. One adult must accompany every five guests under age 17. The sleepover also includes a Zoo admission ticket so the sleepover guest may come back and catch the day Pokémon, too!

You have to sign up for the August 12 sleepover by Monday, August 1. The deadline to sign up for the August 19 sleepover is Friday, August 5, and there are only 25 spots for each sleepover, so get signed up now!

To sign up, visit the El Paso Zoo website, or call (915) 212-0966.