If you have a kid who plays youth football, you need to know about some new rules put in place by the El Paso Parks and Recreations Department.

Coming this fall, concussion training is required for all coaches and parents. Players will only get to play one game a week. All city coaches of middle school football players will have to have fewer days of hitting in practice. The city will also not allow city leagues games on the same day as middle school games. Players who play in city leagues cannot be a member of an outside league at the same time. Both recreational and competitive divisions will be available to give opportunities to all levels of participation. Finally, the Mighty Might Division will be modified to be 6- and 7-years-olds only. 5-year-olds can join the Mini Sports flag football program. This age group will also have a change in rules making it recreational in nature. There not be a Little Bowl or playoffs for this age group.

City officials say that coaches, parents and players were on discussions about changes to the rules during an open meeting and the rules were agreed upon. The rules were put in place to keep young football players safe.