If you’ve ever lost a wad of cash then you know what it’s like to be struck with the horror of the realization of what you’ve just done.

It’s even worse when you were going to use that cash to pay off a bill.

It happened to Richard Rechy earlier this week after he left behind an envelope at the Guadalajara Restaurant in Downtown El Paso containing the $138 he was going to use to pay off a fine.

According to the El Paso Times, Rechy, a Vietnam vet who’s had his share of life’s ups and downs, was going to use the money to pay off a library fine he’d owed New Mexico State University since the late ‘80s.

And if it wasn’t for Lizeth Naranjo, a waitress at the restaurant, he would have still owed the fine and been out $138.

When Naranjo found the envelope but was unable to chase down Rechy, she put it away for safekeeping and waited for him to return.

He did the following morning, and was so thankful for Naranjo's honesty, he shed a few tears. "It's very emotional when you never have had money and you lose $138," Rechy told the Times.

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