Since my second home is here in El Paso, TX...I'm thinking maybe I should make it my home permanently! But I need some advice, Eastside or Westside?

After living in Las Cruces, NM all of my life, I think I'm ready to venture out to the "Big City"! I love El Paso and everything about it. I have friends and family that live in El Paso both East and Westside and have heard multiple arguments as to what side of town is the best.

It would be ideal to live on the Westside since Kiss FM studios are on the Westside but I love the Pebble Hills area. So I am torn between the two!

Eastside has Cielo Vista Mall and Chico's Tacos!

Westside has work and PF Changs!

As you can tell, food places help! What side do you live on and do you love it and why?!