No, it's not your imagination; traffic in El Paso really is bad.

The new TomTom Traffic Index is out, and according to the GPS company's annual report detailing traffic in America, traffic congestion in El Paso has been on the rise since 2008.

Although our ranking among all major cities in terms of rush-hour congestion is a cake-walk (#51) compared to other Texas cities such as Houston (#11), Austin (#21), and San Antonio (#32), Tom Tom's calculations show our increase in I-10 travel time when compared to a free-flowing traffic situation was up 12% in 2015.

And once you got off the interstate, it didn't get any better; city driving was up 15% last year. Per the index, total travel time during peak drive-time hours when compared to a free-flowing non-congested traffic situation increased by an average of 14 minutes per day.

Keep in mind all those stats were compiled using last year's data -- before the Streetcar and the Border West Expressway projects ramped up, along with the rest of the road construction that currently dots our city.

Carmageddon, ya'll. The struggle is real.