El Paso isn't much of a mass transit city, but that could all change if El Paso City Council votes to let teens and veterans ride Sun Metro buses for free. City reps heard from the executive director of the Boys and Girls Club who said there are teens who can't get to their non-profit programs because they don't have access to affordable transportation.

City officials suggested making rides on Sun Metro free for teens, and City Rep. Carl Robinson asked if veterans could also be included in a possible free ride program. Robinson did say that he was worried about the cost because public transportation is already subsidized and makes no money.

City staffers will research similar free ride programs in other cities, and the program could possibly be implemented during the summer months. There is no word on when a report from city staffers will be presented to City Council.

If, as Robinson pointed out, we are already subsidizing the buses, and they are running mostly empty, I think we should allow free rides to teens and veterans. It would get teens used to using mass transit and in the future, might cut down on car traffic. Veterans could use the rides to get to and from school or work, a perk I think they've earned. The buses are already running - we might as well put butts in the seats.