A woman's iPad got swiped at a westside Starbucks yesterday, but she wasn't surfing the web - someone stole it out from under her! But was the whole robbery staged by a candidate for El Paso Commissioners Court?

gettyimages/Justin Sullivan

The Starbucks on Mesa near Sunland Park had it's regular morning crowd yesterday when patrons say a young man pulled up to the store on a motorcycle that he left running when he walked into the store. He reportedly wandered around for a minute then grabbed a woman’s iPad and ran away. The woman said she screamed and people jumped in to try and stop the guy. He got away, but didn't jump back on his motorcycle, he took off on foot.

The guy was chased by Julio Diaz, a candidate for El Paso County Commissioner, who picked up the woman's iPad when the guy threw it on the ground. He returned it to the woman back at Starbucks. In the meantime, other patrons saw the motorcycle still running, so they grabbed the keys and held the guy when he came back for his bike. The unidentified thief was charged with Theft of Property from Elderly Person which is a Felony.

Now, here's the thing - a lot of people are saying on social media that this was all a set up by candidate Diaz. But would someone really risk a felony charge for a candidate? Why hasn't the guy who allegedly took the iPad not been identified? And finally, where the heck was Superman when all this was going down?

What do you think?