Here's something you don't see everyday -- or ever: Star Wars Stormtroopers gingerly prancing across San Jacinto Plaza.

The video, titled The Band Of The Troopers, was filmed in several Downtown El Paso locations including in front of the Plaza Theatre and the San Jacinto Plaza.

The 1:15 clip features Stormtroopers, um, jogging? Dancing? Trying not to burn their feet on the hot asphalt? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine, but whatever it is they're doing they're doing to the '80s A-Ha classic "Take On Me".

It was uploaded to Facebook by Janette Mendoza, who judging by her profile which notes she's a "Biker Scout at The Galactic Empire," and a "jawa at Jabba's Palace, Tatooine" has probably watched the Star Wars movies, oh maybe once or two thousand times.

The fun, quirky clip, hashtagged "Jogging Man Challenge," was inspired by a Youtube video by Band of the Bold 3, according to the post caption.

The Jogging Man Challenge is similar to The Running Man Challenge which is similar to other recent viral dance trends like the Harlem Shake.

The Running Man Challenge requires those who choose to pick up the gauntlet do a variation of the running man to the '90s song "My Boo" by Ghost Town DJ's.