A public service announcement has been released to El Paso County residents regarding a telephone scam.

The telephone scam begins with the caller (male voice) informing the victim that the caller is calling from the “Texas Felony Warrant Division” and advises the victim that the division has warrants in the State of Texas for his/her arrest.

The victim is told he/she will be “cleared” if the victim pays restitution to the State of Texas and is then instructed to obtain a money gram at a Money Gram Center and wire an amount of money given to the caller with further instructions.

The Sheriff’s Office advises the public to beware of the following number appearing on your caller ID 855-345-6211 as this appears to be an on-going scam.

The public has also reported “googling” the above number and reading similar telephone scams. Please remember to NEVER send/wire money to anyone that contacts you over the phone without verifying who the caller claims to be.

For more info on this call the sheriff’s office communications center at 915-546-2280.