The El Paso Police Department and Texas Rangers are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened Friday night in the northeast part of town that left one man dead.


El Paso police say two men were pulled over for expired registration around 10 o'clock Friday night near Dyer and Tetons. One of the officers was talking to the driver when the man in the passenger seat pulled out a handgun and started to get out of the car. One officer drew their weapon, and the second officer told the man to drop the gun. Police say he refused to drop the gun, and started to shout at police.

One of the officers fired and shot the suspect one time. The man died at the scene. The driver was taken into custody. There were no other injuries involved.

The names of the men involved in the incident haven't been released and the Police Department and Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting. The El Paso District Attorney's Office is expected to review the results of that investigation.